I'll Have What She's Having
by Women Who Know How to Stir the Pot
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ABOUT I'll Have What She's Having


  • Educate ourselves and our community on the multiple barriers women must overcome to maintain their health and well-being.

  • Identify non-profit partners promoting women's health and raise funds for and awareness of their vital work.

  • Mentor the next generation of Houston's hospitality industry leaders by offering up-and-coming cooks and entrepreneurs the opportunity to network with established stars of the Bayou City's vibrant restaurant community.

  • Partner with professionals in science, medicine, sports and the arts to highlight the diverse coalition of individuals prepared to fight for a Texan's access to high quality, affordable health care and reproductive rights.


In 2017, we began. State and national currents are carrying women’s health into dangerous waters, on a scale unseen in our lifetimes.

  • Since 2011, after the Texas legislature slashed public funding for family planning, 82 clinics have closed, leaving an unfilled gap in care.

  • Texas’ maternal mortality rate doubled in the last 2 years and is among the highest in the developed world.

  • Despite a 2016 Supreme Court ruling Texas’ attacks on Roe v. Wade as unconstitutional, countrywide efforts to erode national law protecting access to safe abortion continue to escalate.

  • In rural America, hospitals are closing their labor and delivery units, while a nationwide shortage of OB-Gyn physicians threatens mothers in urban centers as well. 147 of 254 Texas counties do not have an obstetrician.

  • State and federal threats to cut Medicaid endanger pregnant women, more than half of whose births are funded by Medicaid, as well as uninsured individuals with breast, cervical and other cancers.

  • Mental illness is on the rise across our nation, with suicide claiming the beloved lives of some of our community. The need for more public awareness and more funding for the treatment of depression and anxiety has never better greater.

We are the message that this multi-faceted attack on women’s health will not be accepted. Houston’s best-known women chefs have joined with the hospitality industry’s most gifted women: up-and-coming cooks, prominent restaurateurs, captivating stars of the cocktail and wine worlds. We are backed by artists, writers, physicians and other professionals. Our coalition is broad - like the problem, and growing - as is the urgency of the cause, a cause which is personal for each one of us. Nearly all of us are uninsured, or have been in the past, and recognize how the devastating trends in medicine today are going to destroy families and communities by harming us – we the mothers, wives, sisters, aunts and daughters of Texas and America. 

The member-participants of IHWSH aim to raise $1 million in an effort to shine a light on the need for more substantial funding for women’s health care. The founding members include Lori Choi, Karen Man, Lisa Seger, Monica Pope and Erin Smith, pursuing change with a growing team, united in their passion for food, community and women’s health.



• Jill Bartolome • Tina Blanco • Dawn Burrell, Kulture • Mary Cuclis, Pondicheri Houston • Victoria Dearmond, Underbelly Hospitality • Andrea de Gortari, Red Dessert Dive & The Bake Happening • Patricia Delgado, Vibrant • Shiva Patel DiVirgilio, Rishi Hospitality • Alyssa Dole, The Kirby Group •Julia Doran, Nancy's Hustle • Natasha Douglas, Better Luck Tomorrow • Kathy Elkins, Harold’s • Evelyn Garcia, Kin Concepts, Decatur Bar & Pop-up Factory • Ruth Gonzalez, Coltivare • Keisha Griggs, Bocage Catering, Ate Boutique Kitchen • Roshni Gurnani, ChefRosh.com • Lynette Hawkins, Giacomo’s Cibo e Vino • Stephanie Hoban, Verdine • Anita Jaisinghani, Pondicheri Houston, Pondi Cafe & Pondicheri NYC • Benchawan Jabthong, Street to Kitchen ThaiCuc Lam • Sharon Leonard (Gofreed), Sweet Bribery • Madalyn Lester, Nancy's Hustle • Karen Man, Oxheart (closed), Public Services, OKRA Charity Saloon•Barbara McKnight, Culinaire • Susan Molzan • Jackie Moreno, Indianola • Allison Ngo • Alexandra Pena, Brasserie 19 • Monica Pope, Sparrow Cookshop • Asia Marie Roggentine • Lindsey Schechter, Houston Dairymaids • Janice Schindeler, Words and Food • Lisa Seger, Blue Heron Farm • Claire Smith, Alice Blue • Erin Smith, Feges BBQ • Kaitlin Steets, Theodore Rex • Jody Stevens, Jodycakes • Valerie Trasatti, Benevento Bake Shop • Fah Vorarittinapa, Lemongrass Cafe • Jane Wild, The Dunlavy • Jamie Zelko, Zelko Concepts, Houston Honeybee Project


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Justine Fanarof, JD, MPH • Rachel Smith • Jayne Stoll Frazier, CPA •


Reeta Achari, MD •  Mary Brandt, MD • Ann Chiang, MD • Lori Choi, MD • Concepcion R. Diaz-Arrastia, MD • Catherine Karmel, MDDamla Karsan, MDRashmi Kudesia, MDShivani Patel, MD • Sarah Weakley, MD • Codi Wiener, MD