I'll Have What She's Having
by Women Who Know How to Stir the Pot
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Past Events


Episode 1: 

Inaugural Dinner for Hurricane Harvey Recovery

Our first Taste of Things to Come pop-up dinner was held at Coltivare on September 19. Attended by 90+ Houstonians, the three-course event raised over $5,000 and a mountain of feminine hygiene products for Trinity Gardens Church of Christ, a 501(c)(3) organization and distribution center of Hurricane Harvey relief supplies for greater Northeast Houston. Donations to the church were routed to displaced women and single mothers in the Trinity Gardens, Kashmere Gardens and greater Fifth Ward communities. 

Attendees enjoyed passed appetizers by Claire Smith (Canopy, Woodbar, Alice Blue), a main course by Kaitlin Steets (Theodore Rex), and breads and panna cotta by Karen Man. A bright signature cocktail by Sarah Troxell (Nobie's) contributed to the festive evening.

Photos by Cecilia Norman

Episode 2:

Better Together.

A Cheese and Wine Tasting for Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast

On October 8, over 30 guests gathered at Blue Heron Farm for an intimate Cheese and Wine Tasting. The sold-out tasting raised over $2,500 for The Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund Program at Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, established to provide funding for patients impacted by the storm and unable to pay for their health care or co-pay costs.

Lindsey Schechter of Houston Dairymaids and Laurie Harvey of Cherry Pie Hospitality led a guided tasting of cheeses with accompaniments by Valerie Trasatti of Benevento Bakeshop and Karen Man. Paired beverages were donated by Artesa Winery (Napa Valley, California) and Flood Independent Distribution (Baird Brewery).

Photos by Cecilia Norman and Carla Gomez

Episode 3: Underbelly Legacies, a Takeover for Legacy Community Health


Our third pop-up event, held at Underbelly on November 5, raised $8,000 to cover well-woman exams for uninsured patients at Legacy Community Health. Click here to donate to IHWSH's Legacy Women's Health Fund.

More than 120 guests enjoyed a decadent three-course meal celebrating the ingredients of the season as prepared by Erin Smith (Feges BBQ), Madalyn Lester (Nancy's Hustle) and Victoria Dearmond (Underbelly). A pink-hued Texas Greyhound cocktail created by Ladies of Libation stars Laurie Sheddan Harvey and Kris Sowell kept guests raising their glasses in toast all evening long. 


Photos by Carla Gomez

Episode 4: Cucina Divas!

The women of I'll Have What She's Having held their fourth pop-up event of the Taste of Things to Come dining series on Sunday, December 10th at Giacomo's Cibo e Vino. Chef Mary Cuclis of Pondicheri drew upon her Greek heritage to create the Mediterranean menu with Chef Lynette Hawkins (Giacomo's) and Chef Alyssa Dole (Emmaline). Sommelier Monica Townsend of Camerata presented wines from a selection of all-female winemakers of Italy and Greece. All proceeds from the event were donated to Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast to pay for contraception for patients who are uninsured or underinsured. 


Photo credit Montse Ochoa and Carla Gomez

Episode 5: Dropping Some Science

Supported by donations from Paulie’s Restaurant, Camerata at Paulie's, Greenway Coffee, Jake’s Finer Foods, Gourmet Ranch, Jordan Salcito, Valkyrie Selections, and CauseEvents.com, IHWSH volunteers, including Chef Patti Burdette, Chef Jody Stevens, Chef Monica Pope and beverage specialists Laurie Harvey, Kris Sowell and Monica Townsend, successfully raised more than $6,000 for teen sexual education programming at Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast. 80+ attendees gathered to enjoy the special menu and listen to Texas Children’s Hospital MDs Mary Brandt and Jennifer Dietrich’s words on the critical need for factual, evidence-based sexual education for Texas Teens. Noted guests included Star Massing, a principle organizer of the Houston Women’s March, and Julie Demitros, grand-daughter of Planned Parenthood founder, Margaret Sanger.

Big thanks to all those that came out, and our volunteers: Xiaodan Mao, Cheryl Schulke, Angela Fabbri, Ju Ma, Davina Tweedy, Kristen Prosche, Angela Oloshove, Karen Chiao, Kaylen Simpson, Kris Sowell, Laurie Harvey, Monica Townsend, Justine Fanarof, Reeta Achari, Carla Gomez, Erin Smith, Autumn Horne, Layne Cruz, Elizabeth Brown | Our guest MDs: Dr. Mary Brandt and Dr. Jennifer Dietrich | And our hosts: Paul Petronella, Haley John, Becca Qian, Eric Harris


Photos by Carla Gomez

Episode 6:

Keep Rights!


In the lovely Dandelion Cafe, owner Sarah Lieberman welcomed Chefs Anita Jaisinghani (Pondicheri), Andrea DeGortari (Revival Market, Bake Happening) and Valerie Trasatti (Benevento Bake Shop) and 70 guests to the season finale of A Taste of Things to Come. Attendees were greeted by the Ladies of Libation, Kris Sowell and Laurie Harvey, who created a mocktail aperitif. Antonio Gianola of Houston Wine Merchant was on hand to pour Artesa Winery pairings for the Burmese menu. Physician advisory board member Damla Karsan, MD addressed the audience with her reasons for supporting I'll Have What She's Having and her belief in comprehensive women's health care. The founder of the Clinic Access Support Network, Angie Hayes, was on hand to answer questions about her organization, which helps keep reproductive healthcare accessible by providing transportation, accommodation and emotional support to people seeking abortion care in Houston. Thanks to generous donations from attendees, over $9K was raised.

Our appreciation to our volunteers, chefs, bar stars and attendees cannot be adequately expressed. See you all at Something for Everyone on April 8, and Season 2 of A Taste of Things to Come!


Photos by Carla Gomez

Season 2

The Daddy of all Pop-Ups

IHWSH Inaugural Father’s Day Cook-out

IHWSH was honored to have Mallory Buford (Tacos a Go Go), Alvin Schultz (Eat.Drink.Experience!), Wade Elkins (Feges BBQ), Otto Sanchez and Chris Poldoian (Camerata) to launch our inaugural Father’s Day BBQ brunch. Attendees feasted on smoked Texas Wagyu brisket, Cochinita pibil, truffled Mac and Cheese, smoked bacon rolls and a dessert bar. Thanks to generous contributions from D’artagnan, The Macallan, Patron, Ginmare, Drink Ramona, Saint Arnold’s, Scarpetta and Presqu’ile, as well as silent auction contributions from our participants, the event raised over 11K for Liz Fenton Purse Snacks, the IHWSH fund for preventative medical care for uninsured individuals in our organization.


Photo credits Stephen Hebert

Lucky Cat Brunch:

Mother’s Day By Choice

IHWSH held the inaugural Lucky Cat on May 5th, 2019 at gorgeous Ralph Smith Photography. The talented volunteer cadre included Tina Blanco, Layne Cruz, Mary Cuclis, Shiva DiVirgilio, Natasha Douglas, Dory Fung, Evelyn Garcia, Keisha Griggs, Elizabeth Harbour, Laurie Harvey, Jojo Martinez, Benchawan Jabthong Painter, Alexandra Pena, Kris Sowell, Valerie Trasatti, Fah Vorarittinapa, and Leonora Varvoutis. Celebrating the social progress that women experience with access to health care, contraception, family planning and safe and legal abortion, Lucky Cat recognizes the importance of empowering women to choose the if, when, and how of motherhood. Participants and attendees toasted mothers, sisters, daughters and all women and their health. Held one week before the OTHER Mother’s Day celebration, Lucky Cat recognizes that many women of the industry, working Moms, work on Mother’s Day, and laid claim to Mother’s Day by Choice for all time. The event, with the generous support of Ralph Smith Photography, Roxor Gin, West 32 Soju, Swish and Click photography, Houston Food Finder, silent auction donors and attendees, raised over 8K for women’s health at PPGC and IHWSH.


Photo credits Christine Wright

The Daddy of all POP-ups!

IHWSH Live at Last Concert Cafe, 2nd annual Father’s Day Cookout

On June 16, 2019, IHWSH was honored to have Mallory Buford (Tacos a Go Go), Alvin Schultz (Eat.Drink.Experience!), EJ Miller (International Smoke), Justin Yu (Theodore Rex) and Otto Sanchez and Matt Cabon (Magnol French Baking) and Chris Poldoian (Camerata) to take our second annual Father’s Day BBQ brunch to the next level. Attendees feasted on smoked Texas Wagyu brisket, and a dessert bar. Thanks to generous contributions from D’artagnan, Patron, Ginmare, Drink Ramona, Saint Arnold’s, as well as silent auction contributions from our participants, the event raised over 10K for Liz Fenton Purse Snacks, the IHWSH fund for preventative medical care for uninsured individuals in our organization.

Photo credit Emily Jaschke