I'll Have What She's Having
by Women Who Know How to Stir the Pot
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Information for 2018 pop-up dining coming soon!




All proceeds will fund essential women’s health services at Legacy Community Health, Texas Children’s Hospital and The Rose. 

  • Texas has more uninsured women than any other state, including many women in the restaurant industry and our own organization. These organizations serve as principle providers of affordable, high quality healthcare to uninsured people in our region. The physicians and healthcare workers at these institutions are fighting to provide care in an era of diminishing healthcare funds. We are proud to stand with them.
  • IHWSH, with your help, aims to contribute funds to benefit women who cannot otherwise afford cancer screening and treatment, birth control, STD testing, perinatal care and family planning. With the near constant political threat of Medicaid cuts and “defunding” of our vital community health centers, events such as ours serve to demonstrate our city’s broad support for health care access and are a funding source of growing importance for uninsured and under-insured women of Houston.