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WellWeek 2019 Print Materials









Welcome to WellWeek 2019!

WellWeek 2019 is a hospitality industry-led campaign to increase awareness of common medical problems: depression and anxiety. We aim to stimulate conversation and discussion to battle the discrimination around mental illness that may be preventing our friends from seeking the help that they need. The campaign will provide print materials to you to meet these goals. From Sunday, September 29 - Saturday October 12, WellWeek asks participating small businesses to:

  • Utilize a coaster for each guest

  • Utilize a check flier with each guest

  • Place posters in bathrooms, community boards and other prominent areas.

Each small business is different, so to increase or decrease the print materials that you need, please complete the form below.

If your business does not complete the form, the par level for each business will be 100 coasters, 2 posters, 5 stencils and 50 check fliers.

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